Construction Scaffolding safety: responsibilities of employer, contractors and the scaffolding staff to work safely.

In internal research, it was found that around 4,500 workers are injured during scaffolding works every year. Approximately 60 of them experience fatal injuries that result in death, accounting for 25% of fatal falls in the construction industry.

These statistics are proof of how common scaffolding accidents are and how important it is to understand that workplace safety is a serious issue in the construction industry in India.

If you haven't used a scaffold service by yourself or don't know how it works, it is a structure of metal pipes and beams attached together in a complex, standing structures to help and support workers on construction sites. An estimated 2.3 million workers use scaffolds for construction works. Scaffold accidents are more common than you might think, making it even more important to follow safety rules for each member on the working site, be it employer, contractors or the working staff itself. We will talk about the responsibilities of the parties as mentioned above in more detail; let's begin-

Scaffolding safety : Responsibilities of the Employer-

Every employer is responsible for any accidents or mishappening because of the project. It's their responsibility to hire a trained, qualified and competent contractor for the project who have proven experience in the industry for the past few years. Also, they must ensure that the products and equipment being used are of high quality and the budget for it is rightly drawn and used.

Scaffolding safety: Responsibilities of a Contractor-

As a contractor, it's your responsibility to contact the construction staff directly and ensure that a qualified, competent person is there to train and guide the staff. A competent person is someone who is trained to identify and predict hazards on the working site and its surrounding area. In addition, they are qualified experts professionals with sufficient knowledge and skill-set to provide training to other staff members to operate safely.

Scaffolding safety: Responsibilities of the Competent Person-

  • Design and preplan the safe scaffold structure, keeping in mind the weight, scaffold type, site limitation, workers' safety, supports, etc.
  • Training the construction staff for the safe operation of equipment and scaffold structure.
  • Overseeing scaffolding erection, its condition, and safety parameters.
  • Selecting and training employees capable of erecting, dismantling, and moving the scaffolding structure.
  • Inspect scaffold material & equipment for safe use, like Telescopic props, Scaffolding Props, ropes and platforms, checking for any visible defects.
  • Determining if it's safe for workers to be on the scaffold in bad weather like high winds and a personal fall arrest system is working
  • It's a contractor's responsibility to provide-

  • Products that are being used have high tensile strength and are safe to work.
  • Products are manufactured by best grade material and are from a vendor that is known to provide competent products.
  • Coordinating with the competent person if any issue regarding the scaffold arises.
  • Scaffold safety: Responsibilities as the Scaffolding Staff-

    Scaffolding staff are those employees who use the scaffold for the construction safety; they are the people who will be using those elevated temporary work platforms and are prone to the highest level of risks. It is the responsibility of the workers as well to follow the safety measures assigned.

    Some points that must be followed by scaffolding staff to have a safe workplace are-

  • Follow every advice of the competent person and take the training seriously.
  • Please don't get on the scaffold unless it is inspected by a competent person and is declared safe to work.
  • Always wear your safety hat and equipment, wear non-skid work boots and use every safety tool provided.
  • Be mindful of those working around you, below or above, always, all the time.
  • Don't leave any equipment or material on the scaffold after your shift is over, which you were using on the platform and is not ordered to leave there.
  • Know the maximum limit of the load-bearing capacity of the scaffold and don't overload, ever.
  • Please don't use anything other than the assigned platforms to reach the working height; it is extremely dangerous for you and your co-workers.
  • It's for your safety and the other members that everyone follows the safety measures. Always contact the supervisor or the authorized competent person if you see any damaged equipment.


    Scaffold structures are dangerous workplaces and hence require lots of safety measures. It's for the safety of everyone involved in the project and any financial loss due to an accident on the worksite. It's the responsibility of everyone to make sure everything and everyone is safe and are having no troubles working on heights.

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