Lightweight Aluminium Ladders Rental Services in India

Premium Lightweight Aluminum Ladder for Domestic and Commercial Uses

It's never a safe option to balance on chairs and stools when you have to access areas beyond your reach, on height. Our premium aluminum ladders are the safest option if you have to reach significant heights. you can either rent or purchase our products, as per your requirements. You can connect on call with our customer care representative, who can provide you with further information regarding our services. It can be places like ceilings, roofs, shades, and others. Devsons’ Steels’ lightweight foldable aluminum ladders are the best choice for such chores. Moreover, we have different ranges of step ladders for more complex uses like carpentry or construction works.

Our lightweight ladders are a unique combination of strength, simplicity, and safety. These step ladders are foldable, constructed with super-strong, non-corrosive, high-quality aluminum. Its wide, anti-skid steps give you unmatched stability and comfort while performing different chores. You can measure the simplicity of our ladders by the fact that it can be opened and closed with one hand. Our foldable ladders save a lot of space. And can be stored just about anywhere. This tough, sturdy, lightweight ladder can handle every job, from simple house chores to difficult industrial jobs. Our ladders are famous for being extremely lightweight, which makes it easy to use and carry, wherever you want to use it, indoors or outdoors.

It is equipped with aluminum extruded braces for extra stability. The slip-resistant safety shoes provide a firm grip along with foothold, that ensures safe usage on wet and smooth surfaces.

Types of Aluminum Step Ladders Available in India-

1.) 1000 series( 200 lbs. Type 3 Aluminum step stools)- Ideal for chores around the house-

  • Aluminum extruded antiskid top and steps
  • Extra-wide slip resistant traction-tread
  • Aluminum extruded braces for extra stability
  • Slip-resistant safety shoes

  • Specification-
  • Size- 0.6metres/ 2 ft.
  • Width- 0.4 meters/ 1.4 ft.
  • Spread- 0.5 meters/ 1.6 ft.
  • Highest standing level- 0.6 meters/ 2 ft
  • Maximum reach- 2.4 meters/ 8 ft.

  • 2.) 1200 series ( 225 lbs. Type 2 aluminum step ladder)- Ideal for chores, carpentry, and odd jobs

  • Wide “3” slip-resistant serrated.
  • Fold-down utility tray to hold paint accessories, toolbox etc.
  • Slip-resistant safety braces for extra stability.

  • Specification-
  • Size- min. 1.2 meters/ 4 ft. to max. 3 meters/ 10 ft.
  • Width- min. 0.5 meters/ 1.6 ft to max 0.8 meters/ 2.6 ft.
  • Spread- min 0.8 meters/ 2.4 ft to max 1.7 meters/ 5.6 ft.
  • Highest standing level- min 0.6 meters/ 2 ft. to max 2.4 meters/ 8 ft.
  • Maximum reach- min 2.4 meters/ 8 ft to max 4.3 meters/ 14 ft.

  • 3.) 9900 series ( 200 labs type 2 aluminum platform ladder)- Ideal for chores around the house

  • Tubular construction allows for compact storage.
  • Aluminum fold down utility tray for tools and paint accessories.
  • Large comfortable slip-resistant platform.
  • Rubber slip-resistance safety shoes.

  • Specifications-
  • Size- min. 1.2 meters/ 4 ft. to max 1.8 meters/ 6 ft.
  • Width- min 0.5 meters/ 1.7 ft to max 0.6 meters/ 2.0 ft.
  • Spread- min 0.6 meters/ 21 ft to max 1.0 meters/ 3.3 ft.
  • Highest standing level- min 0.6 meters/ 1.1 ft to max 1.2 meters/ 3.1 ft.
  • Maximum reach- min 2.4 meters/ 7.9 ft to max 3.0 meters/ 9.1 ft.

  • Why choose DST’s lightweight aluminum ladder?

    Being in the industry for over 5 decades, Devsons' steels has continuously provided the best aluminum step ladders rental service in India. We have worked with industry leaders and earned them as happy, long-term customers. Devsons Steels offer our exceptional services at the most competitive prices for aluminum scaffold products of the highest quality. All the products offered by us are developed using the highest quality materials according to international quality standards.

    Advantages of using Foldable aluminum ladders-

    We can assure you that Devsons’ aluminum step ladders are exceptionally durable and sturdy and cost-effective.

    Aluminum ladders are handy-
  • You can use our aluminum ladders with ease, and without any trouble, even one person can handle it effortlessly and easily.

  • Strong, durable, non-corrosive material-
  • When you purchase our aluminum ladders, you won’t have to worry about their special maintenance or care, it won’t rust or corrode, ever.

  • Can be stored just about anywhere-
  • You can store it outdoors, indoors, anywhere without any worry of it getting rusty. This is a significant benefit of our foldable ladders.

  • Cost-effective-
  • Our foldable aluminum ladders are extremely economical and don’t require any Maintenance fees.

  • We provide rental services for our high quality scaffolding products and equipment. We supply the best shuttering and scaffolding equipment for rental or purchase requirements at competitive prices. DST is known as the leading scaffolding rental company, serving for over 5 decades in the industry now.

    For over 50 years Devsons Steels scaffold services has remained the best choice for rental, and sales of high quality equipment and products used in the construction industry. Our commitment towards quality and safety has established us as the brand we are today. Whether you want to buy or rent equipment for your project- Devsons’ steels can provide you with the best solutions.

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