Heavy Duty Aluminium Ladder Rental Services in Delhi


Through 5 decades of industrial expertise gained by Devsons’ steels, we have provided nothing but the best and most effective product and services in the scolding System. These heavy-duty aluminium ladders belong to the exclusive range of platform and step ladders. Designed using the highest quality aluminium and advanced technology, we have incorporated standard parameters. Rubber shoes along with caps are there to work well on smooth and wet surfaces as well as to prevent scratches on the wall and floor. This product is available in many ranges of different sizes and is highly demanded by clients for the effective service it provides.

Advantages of Heavy-Duty Aluminium Ladders-

  • Have a high tensile strength.
  • Sturdy material for construction sites based on load requirements.
  • We offer different models based on your load and height requirements.
  • Reliable and sturdy structure.
  • Flat rubber shoes to provide better stability.
  • Safe to use, no sharp edges, excellent finish.
  • Dimensionally accurate build.
  • Anti-skid shoes to make sure no accidents happen.

  • Types of Heavy Duty Aluminium Step Stairs Available-

    1.) Types of Heavy Duty Aluminium Step Stairs Available-

  • Heavy-duty molded top to hold tools and accessories.
  • Constructed with heavy-duty aluminium rail and braces
  • Heavy-duty slip-resistant shoes
  • Heavy-duty aluminium rail

  • Specifications-
  • Size range- minimum 1.2 meters/ 4 ft. to maximum 3.6 meters/ 12 ft.
  • Width range- minimum 0.5 meters/ 1.6 ft to maximum 0.9 meters/ 2.8 ft.
  • Spread range- minimum 0.7 meters/ 2.4 ft to maximum 2.0 meters/ 6.6 ft.
  • Highest standing level- minimum 0.6 meters/ 2 ft to maximum 3.0 meters/ 10 ft.
  • Maximum reach- minimum 2.4 meters/ 8 ft to maximum 4.9 meters/ 16 ft.

  • 2.) P1400 series( 300 lbs. Type IA aluminium platform ladder)- Heavy-duty aluminium platform step ladder-

  • Safety guard rail above the knee level.
  • Large comfortable slip-resistant platform.
  • Aluminium braces on steps and rear horizontal struts provide unequaled rigidity.
  • Heavy-duty slip resistant safety safety.
  • Heavy-duty aluminium rail.
  • Outer spreader arms with pinch-proof aluminium.

  • Specification-
  • Size range- min 2.2 meters/ 7 ft to max 4.2 meters/ 14 ft.
  • Width- min 0.6 meters/ 2.1 ft to max 1.0 meter/ 3.2 ft.
  • Spread- min 1.1 meters/ 3.6 ft to max 2.3 meters/ 7.6 ft.
  • Highest standing level- min 1.2 meters/ 5 ft to max 2.6 meters/ 12 ft.
  • Maximum reach- min 3.0 meters/1.0 ft to max 5.5 meters/ 18 ft.

  • 3.) T1400 series ( 300 lbs. Types IA aluminum 2-way step ladder)- Heavy-duty aluminum 2-way step ladder

  • Wide 6” aluminium top.
  • Heavy-duty aluminium rail.
  • Outside pinch-proof aluminium spreader arms.
  • Heavy-duty slip resistant safety shoes.

  • Specifications-
  • Size- min 1.2 meters/ 4 ft to max 3.0 meters/ 10 ft.
  • Width- min 0.5 meters/ 1.6 ft max 0.8 meters/ 2.5 ft.
  • Spread- min 0.07 meters/ 2 ft to max 1.7 meters/ 5.6 ft.
  • Highest standing level- min 0.6 meters/ 2 ft to max 2.4 meters/ 8 ft.
  • Maximum reach- min 2.4 meters/ 8ft to max 4.3 meters/ 14 ft.

  • How to Use Heavy Duty Ladder for Professional Use-

    It’s basic knowledge that not all ladders are designed or meant to be used for every type of work. Most of the accidents occur due to the wrong selection of ladders or violation of safety rules.

    Rule 1- Choose the right ladder-
  • Type I industrial ladder- a heavy-duty aluminium ladder with a load capacity of less than or equal to 250 pounds.
  • Type II commercial ladder- medium duty ladders with a load capacity less than or equal to 225 pounds.

  • Rule 2- Inspect the ladder for any damage beforehand-

    Each time, before using a ladder, inspect if there’s any loose or damaged rungs, steps, rails or braces. Also watch for loose screws, bolts, hinges and other parts.

    Rule 3- Use the ladder with care-

    Don’t use ladders for purposes other than for which they are made. Don’t place it on dangerous, cluttered or uneven surfaces. Make sure at least 3 legs of the ladder are touching the ground, and don’t try to overexert the limit of it.

    Our heavy duty aluminium ladders are essential equipment for any construction or factory work. You can both purchase or rent it according to your requirements. If you need it for some construction work that will be finished by the week’s end, go for our rental services in India. We also supply the best shuttering and scaffolding equipment requirements at competitive prices. You can rent our scaffolding products without any special formalities whenever you want. For a better understanding of the product, and to know whether you should choose the rental of the purchase option, you can contact our representative.

    The heavy-duty, anti-skid and safety guard rails are incorporated in the production and design of our ladders. These aluminium ladders are designed for onsite use and are built to withstand any industrial or construction requirement you have.

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