Premium aluminium ladder rental service in delhi

Premium Aluminium Ladders for Domestic & Commercial Use

Premium Aluminium Ladders are specially built as the perfect solution for domestic and light commercial uses around home or offices. Our premium ladders come with a special feature of fade-resistant, non-corrosive fiberglass composite to provide you with extra safety.

Devsons steels premium aluminium ladders are available in 5 series of ladders. All of our ladders incorporate high quality aluminium and slip-resistant shoes for maximum stability. Each model is made from extremely lightweight, anti-corrosive aluminium alloy that will last longer and are easy to handle.

Types of Premium Aluminium Ladders -

1.) 5400 series (375 lbs. Type IAA fiberglass aluminium ladder)- Heavy duty fiberglass aluminium ladder-

  • Super tough copolymer top for durability and strength.
  • Dog bone spreader with hand grip for easy one-handed carry and close.
  • Aluminium braces on all steps.
  • Slip resistant safety shoes.
  • Durable non-conductive fiberglass side rails.

  • 2.) P5400 series (375 lbs. Type IAA fiberglass platform ladder)- Extra heavy duty fiberglass platform ladder-

  • Wide aluminium platform for safe and comfortable climbing.
  • Dog bone spreader with hand grip for easy and one-handed carry and close.
  • Slip resistant and heavy duty safety shoes.
  • Heavy duty, non-conductive fiberglass rails.

  • 3.) D2200-1 series (300 lbs type IA aluminium and fiberglass single ladder- Heavy duty aluminium and fiberglass angle ladder-

  • Tubular construction makes this ladder light weight and allows for compact storage.
  • Large comfortable slip resistant platform.
  • Rubber slip resistant safety shoes.
  • Aluminium fold down utility tray for tools and paint accessories.

  • 4.) D2200-1 series(300 lbs. Type IA aluminium and fiberglass single ladder)- Heavy duty aluminium fiberglass single ladder-

  • Tubular construction makes this ladder extremely lightweight and allows for compact storage.
  • spacious , comfortable slip resistant platform to stand on.
  • Rubber, anti-skid safety shoes.
  • Fold down utility tray made of aluminium to keep necessary tools and paint accessories in front of the user.

  • 5.) 2000 series (225 lbs. Type II)- flip up ladder-

  • Quickly converts to- extended ladder or step ladder.
  • Slip-resistant wall bumpers.
  • Slotted tool top with hook lock.
  • Clips store spreaders work excellent when used as extended ladder.
  • Solid hinge plates.
  • Slip resistant serrated extra wide steps.
  • Extra step braces on bottom steps strong spreaders.
  • Slip-resistant safety shoes.

  • Why choose Devsons’ Aluminium Ladders?

    For over 48 years Devsons Steels has established itself as the most trusted businesses in Delhi. We have enough experience to understand every requirement of our customers and offer premium aluminium services and products that best suit them. Whether you need advanced scaffold equipment, or just some scaffold rods, we are equipped to meet all of your requirements across India.

    Advantages of premium aluminium stairs-

  • Safety -
  • Our premium aluminium ladders feature wide, spacious steps to work on with anti-skid, slip resistant treads and wall bumpers. They provide maximum stability and safety with aluminium braces on all steps.

    Our heavy duty fiberglass platform ladders are made from non-conductive fiberglass side rails that eliminates the chances of any electrical mishappening or accidents. They incorporate a super tough copolymer top for strength and durability with a large, comfortable slip resistance platform.

    Versatility -

    Our step ladders are extremely lightweight, easy to move, and easy to store. It can be transported easily from one place to another without any hassle. Tubular form of our D2200-1 series ladders allows for compact storage. Heavy duty fiberglass step ladders of 5400 series have dog bone spreaders with hand grip that offer easy one-handed carry and close option.

    Flip-up ladders of 2000 series can be quickly converted to extended ladders as well as step ladders. Overall each and every product has different features and advantages suited for different needs and projects. But one thing common in all of the products is that they all can be used in homes and offices with extreme ease and comfort.


    Our ladders come with integrated work trays and aluminium fold down utility trays for tools and paint accessories. These ladders are extremely lightweight and easy to carry and use. These products mentioned above and every other scaffolding product listed in our catalog can be rented or purchased from us directly.

    Our premium Premium Aluminium Ladders are essential for any construction or factory work. We provide rental service and purchase service as per custom requirements. We do scaffolding equipment and shuttering service for any size project, no matter how big or small. For any residential, industrial, and commercial requirements, you can either rent or buy our products of best quality at competitive prices. We proudly serve companies, contractors and government projects with safe, reliable, and high quality scaffold equipment and accessories, and to know whether you should choose the rental of the purchase option, you can contact our representative.

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